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Rose Soap Gift Box

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This Rose Soap Gift Box is a luxurious and elegant Valentine's Day present. Measuring 22*11*5CM, it contains 12 soap roses and a gold leaf flower, meticulously arranged in a box for a lavish display. Crafted with gold leaf and soap, these roses maintain the appearance of real flowers without wilting, ensuring they remain intact and beautiful over time. The soap roses feature gradient colors, each rose independently separated with distinct petals, emitting a faint fragrance for a relaxing ambiance. The exquisite appearance and bright colors enhance the mood, providing a delightful and calming experience. These versatile soap roses can be used in warm water baths with a few drops of floral soap for a relaxing soak, or their petals can be pulled out for personal hand washing, offering a touch of luxury to your self-care routine. (Note: Dark soap roses are not recommended for hand washing or bathing.)

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Material: gold leaf, soap

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1 x Rose Soap Gift Box